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For Sale:


This is a 1987 Chevy Cavalier.In the last year itís had over $1300 invested in the drivetrain.As a result this car is very reliable and has never left me stranded.Iíve owned it for a year and 12,000 miles.It had some trouble with the heater core over the summer.The car over heated and blew a head gasket.Since then the motor has been torn back down and the head surfaced and checked for cracks.A new gasket set was installed the first of November.Below is a list of parts and the approximate time they were installed.Every accessory on this motor is new with the exception of the power steering pump and the AC compressor, both of which work fine.As you can see from the picture the body isnít in as good of shape as the motor, if you look behind the driverís side rear door you can see body damage on the wheel well.Looks as though it could be fixed pretty easily if interested.The paint also isnít in the greatest shape but thatís not necessary to get you from point A to point B which this little car can do with no problem.It has gotten 30 mpg on the highway.The oil has been changed every 3000 miles religiously.




Last Fall:

Remanufactured Short Block ~ $600

Remanufactured Aluminum Cylinder Head ~ $300

New Radiator Hoses ~ $33

New Battery ~ $40

New Fuel Pump ~ $96

New Spark Plugs/Wires ~ $25

2 New Coil Packs ~ $84


Last Winter:

Remanufactured AC Delco Starter ~ $150


Last Spring:

Remanufactured AC Delco Alternator ~ $141

Oil Pressure sending unit ~ $7


This Past Summer:

New Water Pump ~ $37

New Thermostat ~ $4


November 2001:

New Heater Core ~ $34

New Heater Hose ~ $8

Cylinder Head Machine Work ~ $25

Throttle Body Rebuild Kit ~ $21

New Radiator ~ $127


Iím not sure what all of that adds up to, in fact I really donít want to knowÖIím looking to get $900-$1100 out of this car, this price is negotiable.It is dependable and would make a good first car for a High School student to get experience behind the wheel in.The interior is in good shape actually except for the headliner.If youíd like to arrange to see the car or go for a test drive, you can contact me at or call me at 364-5548.