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Amy is my girlfriend. Im not to keen on the word girlfriend, it seems so temporary and elementary-ish. Im not to big on labeling things. Things are what they are, and my relationship with Amy is what it is. Weve decided to be exclusive and only see one another, even before the decision was made out-loud Im pretty sure it was almost an understood feeling that both of us wanted to move further. As I write this she is in London for a class. I heard from her yesterday and she loves it there. Amy is unlike any other person Ive met in that in some ways we are complete opposite, then in so many more ways we have the same views on the important issues. We each have common goals and all of these things help to bring me to ease. I dont worry about what might happen next week, or if shes going to dump me for some Frenchman with a suave accent. With Amy it is understood that our relationship exists only though the grace of God. I feel that as long as we continue to serve Him and do as He would wish of us, then we cant go wrong. We both have the same views on religion for the most part. And anytime there is a difference, weather in religion or any other realm of life, we share our ideas with each other and make it a point not to challenge or change one another. She balances me out in so many ways. She casts a different light into my life and enables me to see things from a different perspective, for that I am thankful. I have recently devoted my life to Jesus, Ive made a personal decision to walk in the Light. Ive come to study the Bible much more. To realize that if I accept Him as my savior, my life is complete and so much richer. As an example of this new found wealth He has seen fit to introduce Amy into my life. I honestly believe that she was a gift from God unto me. Both of us strengthen the other when one of us is having trouble. Because of all of these things Amy is someone special and close to my heart. I know I could write for days here, but I figure Ill just post some pictures of her/us and be done with it for now. I am truly thankful for this girl.




sorry this picture is so bright, We used a digital camera and the flash

is so BRIGHT. This was taken on our way to downtown Chicago, my first train!!!





This is Logan, Im bear-sitting while shes away in Europe.





This is a pretty bad pic. We were in front of the Arch, the air from the river was

freezing cold. Shortly after this we had our first kiss. How romantic huh?!?




030101 Tomorrow is our 3 month anniversary, I made this to give to her, its my first attempt at poetry and also my first experimentation with graphic art. Anyway here it is



093001 Amy called early this morning to talk, we have separated and it hurts. But as Ive said all along all you can do is trust in Jesus to keep His hand in your life and keep you walking in the right track. At this time Im not sure what it will do to our friendship, I hope that were mature enough to salvage one from the pain were feeling today.