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These are just random pictures of who knows what, each of them will have a small caption to give you some idea about the history or meaning of the picture to meÖ






Modified picture of the sunset behind sonic in rolla.





This is an angle of the St. Louis arch at night.





I liked the light so I took it.





This is the Rolla building.More or less the identifying landmark of UMR





what do u think of that one?





Just liked the view





Seemed to be the thing to do at the time.





Downtown Chicago.





This is a big cow.




dark day, bright night.





The ďELĒ in Chicago.





Beautiful Australian Landscape.





I can remember playing on these and telling jokes as a boy.




a sunset.





My first acrylic painting (the picture does it no justice, look at the picture

of mark on the friendís page to get a better idea of what it looks like)





I like this.




Iím sure Iíll add more to this eventually, just bare with me.I enjoy photography and painting because when it boils down to it, pure and simple, itís a quest for beauty. And after all isnít that what we spend the majority of our lives doing?