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’84 Calais Exhaust System




Right now I’m just going to throw this up there for members of the OldsGmail list.  *Thanks to Ryan Michelotti for giving me a heads up.*  Below are pictures from four sides of Flowtech model 11152 (red) and Flowtech model 31150 (jet hott).  Before I actually looked at the part number’s list from Flowtech’s website I was under the impression that both of these were for ’78 -’87 g-body Olds.  Ryan pointed out that his ceramic headers looked like the red ones in the picture below.  The ceramic headers below are for a SBO in ’68 – ’77 a-body Olds.  I was under the impression that the tech guy at Summit knew what I meant by “I want the same header I have on order, except Jet Hot coated”  Oh well, I had planned on a ’69-’72 Cutlass restoration project sometime before I die, just getting a jump on the parts.  Below is a graphic “lifted” from Flowtech’s web site giving part number information.