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Items for Sale


I'm getting ready to move and am not looking forward to lugging this stuff all over the place with me. I'd like to get $800 out of it. The things that are not for sale in the picture are: Playstation; VHS tapes; DVDs; digital cable box. Everything else is for sale. I'd like to sell it all together but if you'd like to make an offer on part of the entertainment center I would consider it.

A 27" Zenith TV.


I don't know a lot about how they measure televisions, the guy at sears told us it was Zenith's 27" model. I just measured it with a taylor-tape from one corner to the other diagonally and it measured 26". It has SEO front surround and the usual RCA/Coaxial jacks for VCR/Surround Sound Hookup. I purchased it for about $300 two years ago.

Sanyo 4-Head VCR


It has three sets of RCA jacks to hook up to a digital cable box, gaming console, and an output for the Surround Sound. Also has the usual Coaxial cable hookups. I purchased it for $120 at Wal Mart a year and a half ago.

General Electric Three Disc DVD player


It plays DVDs obviously as well as about all other forms of digital media including mp3's and burned CDRs. It has an S-Video output for outstanding quality. It also has coaxial and RCA outputs for Surround Sound. I purchased this for $180 at Wal Mart about 2 months ago.

Pioneer Home Theatre System



It includes a receiver, 6-disk CD Player, and dual cassette tape deck.  The tape deck is not pictured but is in excellent shape.  We just don't use it.  It is a dolby pro logic system and includes 5 speakers.  Two front speaker boxes hold a 12" woofer, a midrange, and high range tweeter.  The center speaker and two smaller rear satalite speakers work with the receiver to create an excellent surround sound system for watching movies or playing music.  I did not purchase this system.  It was a gift and at the time of purchase was valued somewhere between $1200-$1600.  I really hate to sacrifice this for such a low cost but as I've said, moving those huge speakers around is getting to be a pain.

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Contact Information

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To order by phone, call 426-3197

Terms and Conditions

I'll accept a personal check, or money order... i would ask that the check clears before you pick up the entertainment center though.

Like I said I'm wanting to sell this all together. However if you make a reasonable offer for individual pieces I will consider it. Everything comes with a remote control and is sold as is. Also all of the wires and RCA cables will go with it's respective component. Most of it will go with the Pioneer System if I do split up the set. This stuff is valued between $1800-$2200 new, however this stuff isn't new and I think asking $800 is reasonable. This price is negotiable though for someone willing to take the entire system off my hands.

I 'd like to apologize for the poor picture quality, my Digital Camera seems to have gone nuts for some reason.

Just browsing? Get in touch anyway and let me know what you think.