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’84 Calais Interior




The car came from factory with Buckets, Rally Pac, Floor mounted shifter, and console.  The original color was Dk. Brown.  The carpet, seats, and door panel were warn.  The interior is now a Black / Dk. Brown combination which I think goes nicely together and is easy to keep clean.


New Parts


Custom fit Seat Covers ____________________________ $100

ACC molded carpet (black)_________________________ $130




I removed the rear seats and sprayed them with black fabric dye.



Since the ACC carpet didn’t have pre-cut holes for the console and buckets I laid the old carpet upside down and spray-painted the back of the new carpet.  After it dried I used a utility knife to cut them out.  The new carpet laid down nicely and made a world of difference.



There is a picture of one of the seats with the cover on it and the rear seat reinstalled after being dyed. Below is what it looks like today, minus the doors.






Inspired by a friend of mine I’ve seriously considered swapping dashes with a g-body Pontiac Grand Prix.  In his Malibu he has a Grand Prix dash fitted with AutoMeter Phantom gauges.  The look is very appealing to me so I’ve researched and here’s what I’ve decided to go with.  My main reason was that there is no way to fit a 5” tachometer or speedometer in a stock Cutlass dash without major work and sacrificing the other four gauges.  Below is a list of parts that I hope to assemble to complete the swap, obviously this is a lot of money to spend here, but I can’t see spending a fortune on a car and not knowing EXACTLY what’s going on underneath the hood.  The last two *’s are optional and I’ve not decided on them as of yet. 


New Parts:


1 used Grand-Prix dash____________________$030

AutoMeter Ultra-Lite Gauges listed by part number:

4489-5” 160 mph Electric Speedometer_________$200

5291-Hall effect Speedometer sender___________$063

4494-5” 10,000 RPM Tachometer_____________$220

4421-2 5/8” Mech. Oil Press. 0-100psi__________$042

4431-2 5/8” Mech. Water Temp 140-280________$062

4414-2 5/8” Fuel Level _____________________$038

4491-2 5/8” Voltmeter______________________$039

*4484-2 5/8” Mech. Vacuum_________________$045

*4413-2 5/8” Mech. Fuel Pressure_____________$105


Below is a picture of the actual gauges that I barrowed from Summit’s website, and I’ve “fitted” them into a Grand Prix dash to get somewhat of a feel for what I’m going after.  This dash is not stock however and I intend on using the stock bezel that surrounds the gauges.  The dash picture was barrowed from an individuals site showing his “nascar flat” dash that he customized.  I didn’t have a whole lot of options surfing the web for a g-body Pontiac dash so until I get some parts gathered you’ll have to use your imagination.